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“How can I support the Illinois Poison Center?  They’re so awesome!”

Well, I’m glad you asked!  Help us help you keep your kids and communities safe from the dangers of potentially harmful substances.

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, we depend on the generosity and enthusiasm of Illinoisans like you to keep the lights on, the phones ringing (and answered, of course!), and the education rolling.  Would you consider getting involved and supporting us in any of the following 9 ways?

  1. Save the IPC helpline 1-800-222-1222 to your phone(s). 
  2. Become a fan on facebook. Lots of good conversations and practical tips to keep your family safe all year round.
  3. Get FREE training, continuing education credit, and education/presentation/promotion materials! Learn all the basics of poison prevention in this free. quick, easy online education course (available in English and Spanish)  Test your knowledge of everyday dangers in your home!   After completing the course, you’ll have unlimited access to free poison prevention materials and presentation tools to share with family, friends and community.
  4. Participate!  Join hundreds of moms, teachers, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, students, librarians, grandparents, etc. celebrate Illinois Poison Prevention Month (March 1-31).  Free promotional items available for a limited time!
  5. Have you ever called our 1-800 number and been helped by our staff?  Share your experience and/or complete a caller satisfaction survey.
  6. Donate directly to the Illinois Poison Center. Every little bit helps.  Would your employer be interested in making a donation?
  7. Request a complimentary safety packet for you or someone you know.
  8. Tell your friends about us! Ask them to check out our blog, engage with our facebook community, or stalk us on Twitter.  Speaking of which…
  9. Follow us on Twitter – we’ll post interesting links, practical tips, and occasional bizarre/interesting facts about potentially poisonous substances.  After all, just about anything can be poisonous if not used appropriately…the dosage makes it so.

Thanks again for helping us create safer home, work, learning and play environments throughout Illinois!

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