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  1. dt
    dt May 30, 2012 at 1:45 pm |

    I agree with the other person’s comment. There are many items in a household that could posion children. Also, everyone who smoked regular cigarettes knows that nicotine is poison. We also know that regular cigarettes are worse by far than smoking ecigs as well as second hand smoke, which is bad for your children.

    There is no known evidence that nicotine in cancerous. There are also a number of e-juices that are manufactured in the US, if you opt to only purchase from US made. I don’t get the point here. Ecig companies warn on every item that you should keep out of reach of children. The same that is on all poisonous items. So what is your point here? The point here is there is a tobacco tax and the government is making money on it. There is alchohol tax and the government is making money off of that. But if they try and tax nicotine, then they would have to double tax regular cigarettes, 1 for tobacco and the other for nicotine.

    The great thing about ecigs is that you can buy with zero nicotine, and I could easily do that if they try the tax issue. I see the government trying to tax, since ecigs are becoming more popular. The reason why everyone thought the government was increasing taxes on tobacco all the time was to hopefully make people quit smoking, but that is not the case. They want people to smoke so that extra tax money can be used to pull them out of their debt that they got themselves into from their fullish mistakes. That we all know!!!

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