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  1. Bria Murray
    Bria Murray April 14, 2010 at 5:18 pm |

    Dear IL Poison Control Center,

    Thank you so much for all the awesome work you do! My son has pica and it often feels like my day consists of three things: changing diapers, kissing boo-boos and screaming, “FOR THE LOVE OF PETE GET THAT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.” I only once have had occasion to call you: after my son ingested dog poop during a visit to a friend’s house to see their new puppy. I first called his (useless) pediatrician, concerned first about the toxicity, and second, because of the fact that the dog had not gotten all of its shots yet, my son might have ingested a parasite via the feces. His doctor actually told me that she was “damned if she knew” if it was toxic and if there were any risks of him getting a parasite and I should “probably go to the ER to get his stomach pumped, just in case.” (We’ve since switched pediatricians.)

    Your excellent advice (it happens, don’t worry, keep watch for signs of fever or changes in mood/behavior, which might indicate something is wrong) saved me and my son a long, costly trip to the ER. The woman I spoke to on the phone was courteous, understanding and informative.

    People need to realize that we are all just human – we make mistakes, we do stupid things. Even the best parents can’t have their eyes on their children 24/7. Even the most cautious individuals slip up every now and then. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, accidents happen. That’s why they call them “accidents.” There is no shame in calling for help. I would rather call for help a hundred times than write everything off as “no big deal” and have my child, myself or some one I love suffer as a result.

    I hope I never have need to call you again (knock on wood), but if I do, it is a great comfort knowing that I will be met by polite, caring individuals who genuinely care about the individuals on the other end of the line.

    Thanks again!

  2. Laura
    Laura July 19, 2010 at 6:29 pm |

    Thank you for the reminder that the people on the other end of a poison control line call care and are kind. We’ve had to call a couple of times now and I always worry a little that we will get in trouble for calling too much–how silly to worry that you are concerned for your child when something unexpected (even if you blame yourself) happend. The old adage is true–better safe than sorry!!

    Laura B.

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