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    A May 30, 2019 at 8:37 am |

    I have a question. For my summer gardening, I’m using empty 2-quart grape juice bottles to mix the fertilizer solution. It comes as a blue powder which must be mixed with water in the correct proportion before it can be applied to the plant. I removed the grape juice label and wrote “FERTILIZER” in Sharpie. It is stored with the gardening supplies, not the drinks. We have no children or pets in our household and I verbally informed all family members that the bottle contains fertilizer and must be hidden and locked away if any children are going to come in the house (which is unlikely – my sister and I are in our 20s, so our family is in that stage where our parents’ friends’ kids are grown and our friends don’t have kids). Is this okay? Is there anything else I should do to make it safer? For financial and environmental reasons I don’t want to buy a new bottle just for the fertilizer unless I absolutely have to, so I hope the steps I have taken do make it safe to reuse these discarded bottles.

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