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IPC’s Top Ten Blogs

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It’s that time of year!  No, I’m not talking about the holidays, I’m talking about the ‘best of’ lists that everyone is writing now that 2013 is coming to a close.  In honor of the 4th anniversary of the IPC blog, here are our top 10 most popular blogs since 2009:

10.  Do you know the difference between carbon monoxide and natural gas?

You should, especially this time of year!

9.  How not to gas yourself while cleaning the loo

If you’ve ever been tempted to mix cleaning products to exorcise your ‘seasoned’ toilet, then this one is for you.

8.  Watch out for those scary berries

Are any of these growing in your yard?

7. Mother Nature’s most dangerous toxins

If you think ‘organic’ and ‘all-natural’ always equals safe, then you need to read this.

6. Poinsettia Plants:  Poisonous or not?  Let’s put it to rest

‘Tis the season

5.  Visine (tetrahydrozoline) does more than get the red out

Not the innocent prank romantic comedies would have you believe.

4. My favorite poisonous fruit

HINT:  it is a mid-summer fruit.

3. My child ate poop

You would not believe how many kids out there have sampled feces, and this number 3 spot proves it!

2. Top 5 things you didn’t know can be poisonous to children

Guaranteed you have at least 3-4 of these in your house right now.

1.  A day in the life of a poison center

Ever wonder what a poison center does all day?


There’s more to come! Click here to subscribe to future biweekly blogs. Don’t forget to check out the “My Child Ate…” resource center which gives toxicity level and treatment information for the most common substances/products ingested by children.



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