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9am-10am (10 calls)

Posted: February 10th, 2010 | Tags: , , , | 1 Comment »
  1. A 3 year old child ingested an entire roll of Rolaids.®
  2. An 18 month old child was found sucking on the wick of a oil-based plug-in air freshener.
  3. An adult male called because he mixed up his medication and took two of his hydrochlorothiazide tablets.
  4. While crawling in the kitchen, a 1 year old had a finger lick of dishwasher detergent.
  5. A mom called because both she and her husband gave their daughter her morning medicine.
  6. A 30 year old male was bitten by an unknown type of spider.
  7. A mom called because her 11 month old son, while crawling around on the floor, ate the dog’s pill the dog had spit out.
  8. After grocery shopping last night, a caller forgot to put a large roast in the refrigerator;  she asked if is okay to eat since it has been out all night.
  9. A toddler ingested a fingerful of Vaseline.
  10. An ER called regarding a 50 year old woman who ingested an unknown amount of tramadol and Depakote® the night before.  She is minimally responsive and family reports that she possibly had a seizure.

*** IPC specialists also made 14 calls to homes and hospitals to follow up on the clinical course of patients we had been consulted on.

This is only 1 hour of the day; click here to read the rest.

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