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6pm-7pm (18 calls)

Posted: February 10th, 2010 | Tags: , , | 1 Comment »
  1. Caller took a beer out of the minbar in a hotel and quickly realized after one swig that it was urine.  Someone had drunk the beer, then filled it with urine and put it back to avoid being charged.
  2. A 1 year old ingested a mouthful of Desitin® diaper cream.
  3. A mother called after finding her 2 year old son chewing on a double A battery he found in the remote control.
  4. A 2 year old had bleach spill down his shirt; mother is worried he could have also tasted it.
  5. A 4 year old ingested an unknown number of Tums out of a 200 count bottle.
  6. A woman called because her whole family was inadvertently served pine sol.  While making brownies, she reached into the cabinet to get vegetable oil and instead grabbed the pine sol because the bottles look so similar.  She made the brownies and served them for dessert, and did not realize her error until tasting them.
  7. A toddler ingested a large mouthful of mouthwash.
  8. While playing in her mother’s purse, a 2 year old child got into a travel size pill container containing acetaminophen.  The child may have ingested up to 2 of the 500mg acetaminophen tablets.
  9. A 28 year old caller had a headache at a friend’s house, so asked for some ibuprofen.  The friend tossed him the bottle and the caller took 4 pills.  He was a little confused that the pills were pink, but took them anyway.  A few minutes later the friend’s wife came over and stated that they are Benadryl® tablets, not ibuprofen, that she put in the ibuprofen bottle.
  10. A 20 month old ingested a finger lick of leather cleaner.
  11. A 2 year old child ate approximately half of a travel size tube of adult toothpaste.
  12. A 26 year old woman just found out she is pregnant.  As part of her job at a local restaurant, she must use heavy duty cleaners.  She is wondering if it is safe to use these cleaners while pregnant.
  13. A 4 year old was playing in her mother’s make up and has ingested up to half a tube of lipstick.
  14. A 3 year old child swallowed a penny.
  15. A grandmother called because her 2 year old granddaughter had ingested a large leaf from a jade plant.
  16. A 3 year old ingested a mouthful of blowing bubbles.
  17. A 2 year old ingested no more than one single 0.25mg alprazolam tablet.
  18. A city worker was cleaning graffiti off of a brick building and spilled brick cleaner onto his right leg.

***In addition, IPC specialists made 8 calls to homes and hospitals to follow up on the clinical course of patients we had been consulted on.

This is just 1 hour of the day, click here to read the rest.

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