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4pm-5pm (15 calls)

Posted: February 10th, 2010 | Tags: , , | 2 Comments »
  1. A mother called because her 18 year old son was dared to drink a bottle of hot sauce.  He developed significant vomiting and diarrhea.
  2. A 1 year old licked his father’s deodorant stick.
  3. A 37 year old male inadvertently took two of his daughter’s Depakote tablets, thinking they were Tylenol.
  4. A 2 year old dipped her doll teacup into the toilet and drank the water.  The toilet had a Vanish Drop-in® toilet refresher in the tank.
  5. Two children (age 7) were playing outside and each ate one dark purple berry from an unknown type of tree.
  6. An 18 month old sprayed Windex in his mouth.
  7. A mom called, concerned that her 15 year old daughter might be using drugs.  She wanted to know what symptoms she should look for.
  8. The family is painting a bedroom and a 2 year old had a finger lick of latex paint.
  9. 3 year old child was playing with a water snake toy.  The toy had sprung a leak and the child ingested some of the liquid from inside.
  10. A mom called because her 2 year old ingested some Nyquil.  There was some left in the bottle, but not a full 15ml dose so caller had thrown the bottle in the bathroom garbage.  The 2 year old dug out the bottle and ingested the remainder.
  11. While playing outside an 8 year old boy was bitten on his arm by a black snake with longitudinal yellow stripes.
  12. An adult was camping and used newspaper in lieu of toilet paper; called to see if newsprint is toxic rectally.
  13. A pediatrician’s office called about one of his patients who has a blood lead level of 62.  He requested management recommendations for this patient.
  14. A 50 year old woman ingested an entire bottle of Ambien® along with an unknown quantity of wine after her son passed away unexpectedly.
  15. A father called after mixing up his 5 month old daughter’s ear and eye drops; he put eye drops in her ears.

***IPC specialists also made 12 calls to homes and hospitals to follow up on the clinical course of patients we had been previously consulted on.

This is only 1 hour of the day; click here to read the rest.

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2 Comments on “4pm-5pm (15 calls)”

  1. 1 Jen said at 6:55 am on April 12th, 2010:

    boy, you guys field some doozies! that one about the rectal newsprint exposure is too much!

  2. 2 Illinois Poison Center Blog » Blog Archive » A Day In the Life of a Poison Center said at 12:40 pm on February 7th, 2011:

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