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2pm-3pm (15 calls)

Posted: February 10th, 2010 | Tags: , , | 2 Comments »
  1. A 2 year old ingested a mouthful of hand sanitizer.
  2. A 3 year old child ingested a swallow of calamine lotion.
  3. A 2 year old got into grandmother’s pill box and may have ingested up to one each of lisinopril, prednisone and atorvastatin.
  4. A 26 year old female accidentally discharged her pepper spray that was on her keychain into her face.
  5. A teacher called after she had been exposed to fire extinguisher dust.  One of the high school students sprayed the fire extinguisher as a prank and she inhaled some of the dust.
  6. An ambulance called while en route to an emergency room with a 14 month old in severe respiratory distress after taking a drink of, and aspirating, lamp oil.
  7. A toddler was found sucking on the brush of Fungi-Cure antifungal liquid.
  8. A 3 year old has smeared Neosporin ointment all of his face and hands and may have gotten some in his eyes.
  9. A 2 year old male ingested one of his mother’s birth control pills.
  10. A 13 month old was found sucking on a Clorox disinfecting wipe.
  11. A husband called for himself and his wife.  They ate dinner at a local restaurant last night and both have been experiencing vomiting and diarrhea; they believe they have food poisoning.
  12. Caller is considering asking her physician for a prescription for Latisse®, wondering what the side effects or possible complications are.
  13. A concerned father called because the exterminator was scheduled to spray for bugs at his home and he wondered if he should move his family to a hotel for the night.
  14. A 3 year old male ingested up to 2 Viagra® 100mg tablets belonging to his grandfather.
  15. A 22 year old has taken up to 30 acetaminophen tablets and up to 20 Vicodin tablets in a self harm gesture.

***IPC specialists also made 8 calls to homes and hospitals to follow up on the clinical course of patients we had been consulted on.

This is only 1 hour of the day; click here to read the rest.

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