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11am-12pm (15 calls)

Posted: February 10th, 2010 | Tags: , , | 1 Comment »
  1. A 1 year old child scraped some soap off a bar of soap with her teeth.
  2. An elderly man called because a drain opener splashed into his eyes when he poured it into a clogged drain.
  3. A 3 year old child was playing with nail polish, and put it on her lips like lipstick.
  4. A 3 year old child was found eating rat poison pellets.  (They are a bright teal color) He told his mom, ‘candy!’
  5. While crawling around at home, an 11 month old got into the cat litter box and may have ingested litter and/or cat feces.
  6. A man called because the coffee he purchased at his local gas station tasted like cleaning chemicals.  He was worried about what he may have ingested.
  7. The county medical examiner called wanting to know if inhaling Orange Glo® can cause death.
  8. A caller was concerned about the recent Tylenol® recall and had questions about what to do with her bottle.
  9. A 5 year old accidentally super glued his finger in his nose.
  10. A 13 month old was found sucking on a Clorox disinfecting wipe.
  11. A 2 year old child bit into his older sibling’s Strattera tablet.  Mom was able to remove half a pill from his mouth.
  12. A farmer presented to the emergency room after inadvertently sticking himself with a syringe containing a pig vaccine.
  13. A 2 year old ingested a mouthful of hydrogen peroxide.
  14. A toddler got into grandma’s pill box and there is one oxycodone tablet and 2 glipizide tablets missing.
  15. A school nurse called because a 16 year old high school student spilled sodium hydroxide onto her arm during a chemistry experiment.

***IPC specialists also made 19 calls to homes and hospitals to follow up on the clinical course of patients we had already been consulted on.

This is just 1 hour of the day; click here to read the rest.

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One Comment on “11am-12pm (15 calls)”

  1. 1 Allison Muller said at 12:33 pm on February 10th, 2010:

    Great job! Best of luck!
    Allison, PCC at Children’s Hospital of Phila.

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